Cats are tricky animals in almost any circumstance, as all cat owners and lovers know, but traveling with a cat can be one of the more difficult experiences, be it across town, or across the country.

Normally veterinarians and cat specialists recommend leaving your pet at home with regular visits from a friend, or maybe finding a kennel that gives safe, proper care. Cats can do well alone, and they always do best in familiar surroundings. But if you are moving, or leaving for an extended period of time, bringing your cat along can be a necessity,and here are some tips in doing so.

The main thing to do is make sure they feel safe, and where do cats feel safest? In a box. Crating your cat is the best way to move them long distances. Use a familiar towel or blanket, maybe even one of your unlaundered pillow cases as bedding inside the crate. Make sure the carrier is large enough they can stand up and turn around. You also will need to attach it securely with the seat belt if traveling by car.

If you are traveling by plane, you will want to contact your airline for their specific rules on animal transport. If you are going overseas, be sure to determine if there are any specific quarantine laws in the country you are visiting. Some countries may not even let you bring your pet.

Be certain your cat has access to water. An attachable bottle can often be the safest solution. Food is only necessary if you will be traveling for several hours. A favorite treat can also be a great method for soothing your cat’s nerves. Give your cat a bathroom break as often as you might need one. More than a few hours in a vehicle, and anyone may need a stop.
It is a good idea to ask your veterinarian for advice. Some veterinarians may even recommend a pet friendly sedative for travel. In some cases a very small dose of sedative is a solution often prescribed vets. Even if you do not wish to use a sedative, consulting with your veterinarian before taking your cat may help avoid stressors and keep your feline friend comfortable.

Be sure to keep your cat’s health a top priority when traveling and you and Felix will arrive at your new destination happy and healthy.