A Unique Social Club for Dogs and Cats!


What Makes Us Different:

We care for dogs and cats with special needs such as wheelchairs, missing limbs, blind, deaf, cannot walk, medical issues such as diabetes etc., behavior issues like excessive barking, destructive behaviors, and animal or people aggression.

We accept ALL breeds and unaltered males/females.

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Flea and tick season

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How To Deal With Cat Spraying

How To Deal With Cat Spraying   Usually, cats spray items, whether indoors or out, to mark their territory. While this behavior is normal and natural, it can be troublesome if your cat is spraying furniture and other personal belongings. Curbing this behavior is...

Common Kennel Cough Myths

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4 tips to keep your pets safe this 4th of July

The Fourth of July can be an extremely stressful time for dogs. Firework can often cause dogs to shake, run away and go into an all out panic. When this happens, Independence Day can quickly turn into a nightmare pet owners. Here are four ways to help calm...

The Furshire is dedicated to the continuing studies of animal behavior and to providing exceptional care for your pets and their needs. We strive to be that special place in your dog’s life when you cannot be there.

Our Staff:

Each staff member is hands on with every dog in the facility and has a personable & professional relationship with our human clients.

We are a family.

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