Dog Boarding

It’s Vacation Time!!

When it’s time for you to get away and you puppers need a place to stay, The Furshire is the best resort for you pup! Each family is provided with their own personal bedroom and all dogs are out and about playing in our facility from around 8am – 5pm. We do our best to keep everyone out of their rooms as much as possible, whether or not your kiddo is good in a group setting. If you would prefer that he/she does not socialize (no big deal)! A staff will be assigned to your pet and they will receive about 6 hours of interaction per day. After playing all day, they will head back to their rooms for dinner and bed time. We do NOT require your dog to be spayed/neutered to stay with us.

Truly, there are no words that express the amount of love and attention your pets will receive. Our staff provides your pet with everything they need: personal playtime, one-on-one snuggle time and unlimited hugs & scratches! Here at The Furshire we view ourselves as a family, and we want you to know that you’ll be leaving your fur babies in the very best hands. 

Special accommodations are also available for destructive dogs.




Snuggle Room

Per the dog’s request, the 150 sq.ft. snuggle room has arrived! This is what each dog here looks forward to every night! Here our staff hangs out with your pets to provide the proper snuggle time.


Your dog will feel like they are at a home in our awesome tiled bedrooms. The rooms range from 20 to 200 sq.ft. in size and we furnish them with awesome beds and toys for your kiddo. We provide many types of dog beds, cots, blankets, comforters and so many more options. We prefer that dogs within the same family share a room unless otherwise specified.

Crate Enclosure

If you prefer your dog to sleep in a crate problem! We have plenty of different sized crates and are more than willing to set one up for him/her. Your pet will sleep and eat here, but the rest of the time they are out running around and having a great time.

4’4 , 4’6 , 5’8 Steel Cages

The Steel Cages were designed for dogs that are destructive, hard to handle, jump walls, or are aggressive. This set up prevents your dog(s) from hurting themselves if they try and escape or chew. We do our very best to place your fur baby in the correct room most suitable for their situation. Your pet will still be provided with all of the same amenities, and pricing is the same as the other bedrooms.  

Boarding Requirements: Pet Belongings and Vaccines

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We can’t stress enough the importance of reservations.
Staffing is based of off need.  While we do understand occasionally you won’t know you need us until last minute, it is difficult to be effective without at least a 24 hour notice. We want to ensure we provide you and your pet with the one on one attention that you deserve.

Thanks for your cooperation, and for allowing us to love your fur children!