Rocky’s story… how the furshire started.

Rocky was a pure bred boxer who became very troubled around 8 months of age. At that time I had a cat and two other dogs in my home. He became very aggressive towards each of them and had great difficulty transitioning from one activity to another, was so scared of everything and then became very destructive to my home. I traveled to many specialists over his years of life which produced no results. I was greatly struggling with what I was to do. I decided I needed to start studying animal behavior. I read many books that were written and got nowhere with that. Then I started observing pack behavior in all species. With the great wealth of knowledge I’d accumulated, I realized I could place my paw print in the lives of other people who might be struggling with the same things I went through.

In my studies I discovered the importance of pack behavior, how they are formed and accepted. Our playgroups are now completely based on PACKS and the important role they play in a group setting.

The second important piece of the puzzle is staff. We have a fantastic group of individuals who make up the furshire staff. Each staff member plays a critical role in the care of your pet while they are in our care.

Our Mission

The furshire is dedicated to the continuing studies of Animal behavior and to providing exceptional care for your pets and their needs. We strive to be that special place in your dog’s life when you cannot be there.