If you love your dog, then it is essential to follow several important tips to keep the animal healthy throughout a heat wave.


1: Take Care of Your Dog’s Fur

When your dog has a thick coat of fur, make sure to trim it to keep your pet cooler. Also, brush your dog’s coat each day to remove loose hair. Giving your dog a bath in the summer is beneficial because it will remove debris from your pet’s fur that is preventing air circulation. You can take your dog to a professional groomer for a bath and trim, or you can perform these tasks at home. You can bathe your dog outside in a wading pool, or you can bring the animal inside to wash it in a bathtub.

2: Provide Plenty of Shade and Water For Your Dog

Bring your dog inside your home to enjoy the cool air from an air conditioner or circulating fans. Make sure to provide more comfortable outdoor space for your dog by having a doghouse that is located in a shady area underneath a tree. Always make sure that your pet has plenty of cool water to drink by having multiple bowls available both inside and outside your home. Purchase an automated refilling pet water dish so that your dog will always have enough water when you are not home.

3: Use Caution While Walking Your Dog In Hot Weather

When your dog is panting heavily, don’t walk your pet outside. To exercise your dog, play games inside your home instead. If you must take your dog outside, carry a portable water bowl and keep your pet in the shade. Walk your dog on cooler grassy areas rather than on hot pavement. If you can’t place a foot on a sidewalk because it is too hot, then it is also too hot for your dog. You can also buy booties for your dog, but you must teach your pet how to wear the items long before a hot summer day occurs.

4: What Are the Signs of Heat Stroke For a Dog?

Make sure to understand the signs of heat stroke for your dogs such as excessive drooling, rapid heart rate, and increased body temperature. Look inside your dog’s mouth to check for red gums, and check your dog’s body to see if it is moist. Place cold, wet towels on your dog’s body near its legs and neck when you suspect that your pet is having a heat stroke, Remove a dog’s booties to wash its feet in cool water, and also, apply cold water to the animal’s outer ears.

Arizona has passed several new laws in regards to tethering dogs, leaving pets in cars and appropriate temperatures for hiking with pets.

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