The answer to whether or not you should declaw cat is always no. This blog will show you why it’s a bad idea and also give you some alternatives to declawing.

The Downside of Declawing

Declawing can be detrimental to your cat’s health and behavior. In fact, it has so many downsides that you’ll promise to never declaw your pet.

It’s Painful

Declawing is extremely painful, even after surgery, because it won’t stop the claw from growing back. In some cases, the claws grow back under the skin, causing constant discomfort.

It Weakens Your Cat

Cats defend themselves with their claws, so when you declaw your pet, you’re making it more vulnerable. You’re also ensuring that your cat has to learn how to walk again, making it harder for your pet to enjoy life.

Behavior Changes

Cats exhibit behavior changes once they’ve been declawed. This includes relieving themselves outside of their litter box, biting and other aggressive actions against owners and other pets.

Safer Alternatives

There’s good news: many countries have outlawed declawing. Here are some declawing alternatives that you can use right now.

Regular Trims

Regular trims, which you can do yourself with a pet nail trimmer or at a groomer for around $10, will help your cat keep their claws while saving your furniture; damage happens because the claws are hooked at the end, and nail trims will eliminate that.


Scratching posts, old sweaters, and regular playtime will keep your cat happy, which leads to less clawing of your belongings. By taking the time to play every day with your cat, whether on a cat tree or with scratch post toys, you’re giving your cat the attention it craves.

Eliminate the Scratch Need

Fill a water bottle with lukewarm water and aim it at your cat’s back every time they try to scratch. If you’re consistent, the cat will refuse to scratch where it’s gotten the water in the back because they don’t like the response to their actions.

Now that you know that declawing hurts cat, try some of the alternatives for a happier pet and a happier home! Let us know how you did in the comments below.