Controlling a barking dog is not easy for most dog owners.

Why is the dog barking? 

There are numerous reasons why a dog barks. A dog can hear noises in a distance that owners cannot, therefore they might hear something threatening that an owner cannot hear. Their natural instinct is to protect their surroundings. Unfortunately, the dog thinks they are warning the owner, while the owner just wants the barking to stop.

Get Barking Under Control

Dog owners can minimize dog barking by first figuring out why they are barking. Pay attention to the surroundings and listen to the bark. Sometimes owners can relate specific barks to specific reasons. If they bark at a person, try comparing the sound of that bark to the sound of the bark when a car door shuts.

Take time to sit with the dog while it is on a leash and observe how they act. Dogs that have been raised in the same environment are used to the surrounding sounds. If the dog is new to the home it still has to learn what is safe and what might pose a threat. As they react to different noises or movements, reassure them that it is okay. If they see the owner is calm they too will start to calm down.

Some dogs are fine until the owner goes away to work or school. This is usually an anxiety condition that steps up a level when the owner leaves because they don’t want to be alone. Try leaving an article of clothing that has the scent of the owner on the fabric where the dog will be during the absence of the owner to help reduce their anxiety.

Controlling dog barking while the dog is out in the backyard can be difficult because you’re not next to the dog to discipline them. Many owners use barking collars to help control barking. The collar is equipped with a box that sends a mild shock automatically to the dog when the dog barks.

Shock collars with a remote control included help to control dog barking with a sound alert beep setting and a shock setting. This type of collar allows for a command to be given to be quiet before alerting the dog with the sound setting. If the beep sound does not quiet the dog after a few tries, the owner then has the option to change the settings to deliver a shock.

Spending time with your dog to try and understand the barking causes, as well as to provide reassurance and a fun distraction (such as playing instead) will help minimize unwanted barking.