Buying gifts for your furry friends might seem as simple as plucking a few simple toys off a shelf at the supermarket, but there are a number of other options that can make daily activities easier and more enjoyable for both you and your pet.

Before you add your pet’s usual treats to their Christmas lists, take a look at ten of the current best gifts for pets.

10) Fetch N’ Treat
This device combines the game of fetch and the administration of treats in one small toy. With the Fetch N’ Treat, the dog places the ball he just picked up into an opening in the device, which then rewards him with a treat. What better way to make your pup the happiest pet on the block than by merging two of his favorite things?

9) Dog Ramp or Stairs
As active as dogs are, they lack the agility that cats have for jumping up onto things. A ramp or small set of movable stairs can reduce the chances of your dog injuring himself.

8) Cat Tower
Cat towers are a must-have for cats since they provide a place for your cat to feel relaxed as well as an outlet for their nail-sharpening habit.

7) Dog Kennel Water Bottle
If you have a crate for your dog, you might want to consider a kennel water bottle. Since it hooks onto the side of the kennel, it provides more room for your dog to move comfortably than a water dish does.

6) Light-Up Frisbee
A light-up Frisbee is a great toy to have for your dog, especially if you often take him outside after dark.

5) Snoozer Cozy Pet Cave Bed
If your dog loves snuggling up under the covers, then they will love this comfy dog bed.

4) Cozy Christmas Sweaters
Ugly sweaters aren’t just a hit with humans anymore! Keep your pet warm this December with a decorative animal sweater.

3) Catnip-Filled Cat Toys
Cats can be harder to please than dogs in terms of toys for pets. Fortunately, many cats respond well to any kind of toy so long as it’s stuffed with catnip.

2) Calming Aids
The holidays can be a stressful time for your pets, especially with the coming and going of guests. Calming aids are essential pet items to have on hand, whether it’s a quiet spot for your pet to relax undisturbed with a favorite toy, or items like Feliway (scent diffuser), which can create a calming affect in cats.

1) Self-Warming Heated Pet Mat
The holiday season is the perfect time to invest in a self-warming heated pet mat. Your pet will thank you for this bed on one of those cold December nights.