Dog Boarding

dog in poolYour dog will be part of the Playgroup for an exciting day of romping around, swimming, sun bathing, playing chase and ball.

They are socialized in Playgroup from around 8am – 4pm. After playing all day they will head back to have some dinner. Then back out for snuggle time and another round of play before settling down for the night around 8pm-9pm. Truly, there are no words that express the amount of love and attention your pets will receive.

We do NOT require your dog to be spayed/neutered to join the Playgroup. If you would prefer that he/she does not socialize (no big deal)! A staff will be assigned to your pet and they will receive about 6 hours of interaction per day in our daycare no group interaction. Our staff provides your pet with everything they need: private playtime, one-on-one snuggle time and unlimited hugs & scratches. Special accommodations are also available for destructive dogs.


The New Snuggle Room!

Per the dog’s request, the 150 sq.ft. snuggle room has arrived! This is what each dog here looks forward to every night! Here staff and volunteers hang out with your pets to provide snuggle time.


Your dog will feel like they are at a home. The rooms range from 20 to 200 sq.ft. in size and are furnished with many forms of beds. We provide many types of dog beds, cots, blankets, comforters and so many more choices. Dogs from the same family can stay together in one room.

Crate Enclosure20141023_092947

If you prefer your dog to sleep in a crate problem we will set one up for him/her. Your pet will sleep and eat here. The rest of the time they are let out running around.

4’4 , 4’6 , 5’8 Steel Cages

We designed these for dogs that are destructive, hard to handle, would prefer not to socialize, or are aggressive. This way they cannot hurt themselves if they try and escape.  This is where you would select to place your pets if you think they will chew the rooms or the beds, scratch or chew to get out ; or if your pet does not like other animals. Per your request, we can place any type of dog cot or bed, or nothing in these cages. Pricing is the same as the bedrooms.


Dog Rates

Additional Dogs

We offer a discounted rate of $27 for each additional dog. Additional dog discount applies to dogs with same owner, staying over the same time period. Pets must share a room to qualify for discounted additional pet rate.

Check Out
Pets not picked up by 11:00 am on day of check out will be charged a play group rate of $28.00.

Hard to Handle Dogs
An additional charge of $10 to $25 per night for dogs that are hard to handle. If you think your pet may qualify for this category, ask us about it.

$4 per day

Prices subject to change without notice. January 2017 last updated

We ONLY GIVE credit to your account we do not refund back on your credit cards.